So glad to know my nasal spray is gluten-free

You read that right.  My Walgreen’s saline nasal spray, which is really just a small bottle of water, has no gluten in it.Bottle (1)

I think we’ve taken this gluten-free thing a little too far.  Bottle (2)





I know a lot of people need to avoid gluten in their diets.  But last time I checked, nasal spray is not in anybody’s diet.  On its website The American Diabetes Association says, “Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and any foods made with these grains.” There’s barley in beer.  So don’t squirt beer up your nose.  Probably wouldn’t be too pleasant.  Even if you don’t have a gluten problem.  


  1. If you’re allergic to gluten its important to stay away from it. Especially in medications that will be absorbed. Like, through mucus membranes in your nose. They put gluten in everything these days. Even in multi- vitamins, lip gloss, hand lotion, and shampoo. Its amazing but apparently people have been getting allergic reactions just from having gluten on their skin. My grandma has had allergic reactions from just licking an envelope. Its not really an over reaction to state clearly on labels that a product is gluten free. But it is sad that people can’t read ingredient labels and trust that if an ingredient isn’t listed that it isn’t in the product.


  2. stopbeingignorant said:

    Gluten Cross-Contamination, google it.
    Your note is connected to your throat, which is connected to your stomach, which is connected to your intestines. The reaction occurs in your intestines and can be triggered by a single molecule of wheat gluten. Do your research before posting an ignorant article to avoid looking like a fool.


    • Thank you for your input. I stand corrected, and I’m allowing all my blog readers to see your input. And now I’d like to offer some feedback to you: Try a more mature tone when you correct someone. You can get the same results without appearing rude.


  3. Jiyon03 said:

    Hi, I need to take a nasal spray for allergies and was wondering if you have used any without getting glutened. Thank you so much for this informative post.


  4. I’m a marketing guy, not a doctor. And I realize now that anything sprayed into your nose can drip down your throat and into your stomach. Thus a gluten-free nasal spray isn’t a stupid idea.


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