If you’re on LinkedIn you’re getting branded whether you like it or not.

Your “Most Endorsed For”scoreboard may not exactly say who YOU think you are, but it says who THEY think you are.

linkedin-logo2Four months ago LinkedIn added a one-click endorsement system that allows your contacts to say what they think you know without writing a single word.

It goes like this:   In your LinkedIn profile you list a set of skills and areas of expertise.  LinkedIn polls your contacts with questions like “Does Yourname Here know Project Management?” or “Does Yourname Here know Quantitative Research?”  Every time a contact answers YES to one of these questions, you get a point on your profile next to that skill.  Before you know it you’ve been codified with a number for each skill.

So who do they say you are?  Does it match your own opinion of yourself?   If not, what are you going to do about it?  My top four “Most Endorsed For” skills are Marketing Communications, Direct Marketing, Advertising and Marketing Strategy.  That’s about right.

“Personal branding” is a hot topic in career development.  Defining any brand – including the brand you call “Me” — begins with knowing what people already think about that brand.  The “Most Endorsed For” scoreboard is a good place to start.



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