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“An English major with an MBA” is how Paul Sage describes himself.  Paul is a marketing communications leader skilled at planning, creating, implementing and measuring communications to consumer and business audiences.

Paul’s career includes marketing positions in corporations, agencies and consulting companies managing media investment, marketing research, brand and strategy definition, ad creation, website design and optimization, social media, direct marketing, mobile marketing, trade show brand presence, multicultural marketing, public relations, sales training and employee communications.

Paul has marketed brands in many industries, including telecommunications, automotive, real estate, retirement communities, banking, utilities, business services, building materials, and healthcare.

Key capabilities:

  • Brand Strategy and Tactical Guidance: Brand Definitions, Creative Briefs, Brand Implementation Guidelines
  • Marketing Project Management
  • Writing and Content Management: Social Media, Website Copy, Advertising, Email Campaigns, Proposals, Presentations, Press Releases
  • Marketing Communications Measurement
  • Marketing Research: Qualitative Interviews and Interpretation, Online Surveys, Insights Development
  • Vendor Selection, Direction, Evaluation and Cost Reduction
  • Selling-Side Scope of Work Formulation, Contract Negotiation
  • Employee and Customer Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Teaching
  • Voice recording: Radio, Phone Answering and Routing Systems, Video

Fun stuff about Paul:

  • He qualified for “Jeopardy!” but was never called to appear on the show.
  • Paul and his wife have three adult children, all who live in places more exciting than Little Rock. Their son is an up-and-coming guitarist with a unique style that defies his young age. Connor Sage – Live and Session Guitarist
  • He is P1 of KTCK-The Ticket, Dallas’s award-winning sports-talk radio station. Several articles in Mr. Sage’s Blog provide other P1s vital information about The Ticket.
  • Paul’s daily attempts to walk a rebellious golden retriever often result in scenes like this. W Street

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