Say it ain’t so, Bud!

Earlier this week longtime commissioner of Major League Baseball, 78 year-old Bud Selig, stated, “I’ve never sent an e-mail and I never will.”

What’s the matter, Bud, do you think you’re too old for e-mail?  Everybody e-mails.  And the Pope tweets.

I guess Bud can do what he wants to do, but as the head of baseball for the past 21 years, Bud Selig IS baseball.  And what does this say for the brand of baseball?  The old ballgame.  The sport without a clock or a tiebreaking system to end an endless game that trickles into the wee hours of a Wednesday morning.

Bud calls the shots, but not by email.

Bud calls the shots, but not by email.















It’s the “and I never will” part of Selig’s statement that bugs me most.  It reflects a stubbornness, an unwillingness to ramp on to the freeway of 2013, or 1995, or whenever the rest of us started e-mailing.

We do have Bud Selig to thank for interleague play, a beautiful way to break up the monotony of a 162-game season, and for putting World Series home-field advantage up for grabs in the All-Star Game.  Bud, you’re not a complete fuddy-duddy, and if you had an e-mail address I’d write you to tell you so.


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