Stuff I say that I’d never say if I didn’t listen to The Ticket

If you listen to The Ticket as long as I have, you don’t just acquire its vocabulary, you embed it in your brain, and you pass it on to those around you.  Here’s a short list of stuff I say every day that will be in my head forever.

What about eggs?
Champ, Champ!
I hope you do. I hope you do very much.
Doing a bit
Just like that, m___ [Coach Bob Knight’s expletive from the sand trap]
Let’s go on to something more important, if in fact there is something more important to talk about
I got enough on my mind right now, I don’t need your b___ [old man to his wife]
Get your ass hung up on now, you idiot
Ya wall
I wish we knew
Stop down
Lay out
A beating
Cry face
Hazmat uniform (in robotic tone)
Stand back, Burrito
Mark that under who gives a s**t
What elssssse?
Wheels off
We’re having fun, no?
Turnt up

What about eggs?

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